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New York woman's elevator accident death prompts lawsuit from her father

The father of a New York woman who died in one of the most gruesome elevator accidents of 2011 has filed a lawsuit against the company that was supposed to keep the elevator that fatally injured in the woman in good repair.

We have written several posts about the woman, who died in a terrible and violent fashion when she stepped into an elevator immediately before it shot upwards.

Now, her father has sued Transel Elevator and Electric, alleging that a repairman for the company did not re-enable a safety circuit after he completed some work on the elevator. His lawsuit claims that because of his failure to complete the work as he should have, the elevator malfunctioned and decapitated his daughter

Transel had had its license to work on elevators suspended after a city follow-up on the incident found 23 violations of safety codes.

The lawsuit also names the management company that oversaw the building and several of the individual Transel employees who worked on the elevator.

We wish this man the best of luck in his quest for justice. We can only imagine the pain and heartache he must be feeling after his daughter was taken from him in such a terrible fashion.

Source: The New York Post, "Father of ad exec killed in elevator suing repair company," Josh Saul and Dan MacLeod, Jan. 29, 2013

  • In our Bronx law firm, we often handle premises liability cases. "Premises liability" is a field of law that pertains to a property owner's responsibility to fulfill his or her duties with respect to visitors to and users of his or her property. For more information, you could visit the Elevator Accidents portion of our website.

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