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5 injured when pieces of Brooklyn Bridge rain down onto sidewalk

Five individuals suffered injury in a recent sidewalk accident that occurred along the Brooklyn Bridge underpass. According to the New York Fire Department, large pieces of stone façade fell from a wall and hurt the pedestrians.

The accident occurred on a recent Wednesday evening at approximately 7:30 p.m. during a downpour of rain. Pictures were taken of the pieces of granite façade as they laid in chunks covering the sidewalk and parts of the roadway following the collapse.

Inadequate security lawsuit filed in hospital attack

When you seek treatment at a New York medical facility, you don’t think about a possible attack against you by another patient. However, that is what happened at one Veterans Affairs hospital in 2011. A veteran was at the Alabama facility for treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues when the attack occurred.

The patient, a female, suffered head injuries when another patient in a substance abuse program attacked her. The veteran was receiving treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. As a result of the attack, she now refuses to return to the facility.

2 people injured in animal attack by rabid kitten

Animal bites can quickly become severe, even if the bite itself does not appear serious at first. All animal bites should receive proper and prompt medical care. When a bite occurs, it is a must that the victim or his or her family considers the possibility of rabies. Two people in Connecticut were bitten by a rabid kitten and now must receive treatment. Two others at the veterinary hospital were also exposed to the kitten.

The kitten was found as a stray and taken to a veterinarian. Both the vet and a friend of the person who brought the animal in were bitten. Two people who work at the hospital were exposed to the animal. According to an assistant director at the local Community Health Services Division, anyone who had contact with the animal must be evaluated and treated by their health care providers.

Dog bite cases handled differently from state to state

A state Supreme Court recently ruled on a New England dog bite case, providing further clarification in the way that courts in this region view liability in animal attack accidents. The case also highlights how not all states protect dog bite victims in the way that New York does.

The court's decision, which was published on a recent Friday, involved a young girl who was bitten by a dog at a campground in 2009. The 3-year-old's bite wounds were so severe that she required surgery. The parents later filed a personal injury suit to hold the owners of the dog liable for the cost of her medical care.

Man suffers dog bite at animal shelter, files lawsuit for damages

When most New Yorkers hear about someone suffering a dog bite, it's likely they don't think about it happening to someone at an animal shelter who is looking to adopt a pet. However, for one man, that's exactly what happened and now, he's suing the city that operates the shelter for damages.

The man's injuries occurred in September 2012 at a city-run animal control facility in New York's regional neighbor of Connecticut. The dog that bit the man was a Rottweiler. A volunteer working at the facility brought out the dog to meet the man.

Building collapse accident injures 4 New York pedestrians

Several people suffered injury in New York after part of a building collapsed and bricks fell on top of them while they were walking on the sidewalk. The incident occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. A total of four people suffered injury (at least one of them critically) and multiple buildings required evacuation following the accident.

One woman, who evacuated her office located next door to the accident, said that her building shook during the incident. A doctor, who was tending to his patients during the event, rushed outside to investigate the situation. He said that he found a man unconscious, who had been struck by a number of bricks that fell off the building. The doctor administered first aid and made sure that the man's neck was stabilized and cleared his airway.

Woman suffers serious personal injury after slip and fall

New Yorkers would expect that of all places, a medical facility would be a relatively safe place to walk. Because many sick patients walk through those doors, the areas are cleaned and sanitized frequently. However, one woman is suing after she slipped and fell while visiting her local medical center, causing serious personal injury.

The woman and her husband filed a premises liability lawsuit against Plateau Medical Center in New York's regional neighbor of West Virginia, seeking damages of an unknown amount for medical expenses, attorney's fees and court costs. The couple is also seeking punitive damages for the facility's alleged negligence in the September 2012 incident.

KFC donates $30k to 3-year-old animal attack victim

A 3-year-old girl with scars from a recent dog attack, was requested to vacate the premises of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant because -- according to restaurant employees -- her scars were disturbing fellow customers. Allegedly, the girl's grandmother had taken her to KFC after a doctor's visit. KFC has since apologized for the incident both to the animal attack victim and her family.

KFC has also decided to donate $30,000 to the child's family as a way of saying it is sorry for its employees' behavior. The $30,000 is intended to help the family pay for the girl's medical bills. Also, a KFC franchisee, who has no connection to the incident, says that he would like to pay for a picnic event for the girl as a way of saying sorry. He says that the victim deserves to receive something nice.

Dog bite on hand causes woman serious injury, requires surgeries

When you hear about a dog biting someone, it's easy to assume that it's one of the "bad breeds," like a pit bull or a Rottweiler. The truth is that any dog can bite and cause a serious injury. For one woman from another state, trying to rescue a dog from the street resulted in bites to her and her son.

The woman and her son were talking a walk when they saw a corgi in a busy street. Thinking they could save the dog from getting hit, the two got the dog out of the road. Unfortunately, when someone attempted to leash the small dog, it bit the woman's son and then bit her own hand.

Escalator and elevator accident cases: Woman hurt on escalator

A woman was recently hurt in an unfortunate escalator accident. According to police, she is currently recovering after suffering injuries due to a malfunctioning shopping mall escalator. She was trapped inside the contraption for at least an hour, while emergency medical personal and firemen tried to free her.

Police say that the woman was riding the escalator when a door suddenly opened up and her leg went through it. The door, which is usually intended for maintenance, had opened for unknown reasons. The escalator continued moving forward and the woman's leg was trapped underneath the open door.

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