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Who is responsible if an elevator accident occurs?

New York is full of skyscrapers, apartments, business offices, hotels and shops. In most of these buildings, there are elevators carrying people from one floor to another. Some elevators can be found on construction sites, in theaters and even in private residences. In most cases, these mechanical lifts operate without incident. What happens, though, when someone is injured in an elevator accident? Who is responsible?

Some elevator accidents happen because of poor design or maintenance. In such cases, we can help injured parties hold the responsible parties accountable in civil court. This might include the building owner, maintenance personnel or elevator manufacturer.

Rabid fruit bat insights animal attack fears at Midwest zoo

Are New York zoos dangerous? Generally speaking, the answer would be no; however, accidents can happen and even zoos could be a place where an animal attack or some other kind of injury could occur. Indeed, a fruit bat has recently become the subject of fear and trepidation at a Midwest zoo. The fruit bat, who formerly resided in a zoo's primate exhibit, turned out to have rabies virus. The bat was exhibiting strange behavior, so a zoo employee captured it and transferred it to the care of the zoo's veterinary staff.

Sadly, the infirm bat had to be euthanized. Later, it was taken to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, where it tested positive for rabies. Now, zoo employees are trying to locate and inform zoo visitors -- some of who may have been in contact with the bat – to ensure that they are not in danger of contracting rabies. Anyone who may have touched or been in physical contact with bats at the zoo is encouraged to get in touch with health department officials or their doctor.

New York slip-and-fall lawsuit nets injured worker $215,000

A man who was working at the Wards Island Water Pollution Control Plant in Manhattan has settled a civil lawsuit for the injuries he sustained in a slip-and-fall accident. According to the man's attorney, his client will receive $215,000 to settle his personal injury case. The man has also qualified for workers' compensation benefits, which along with his personal injury settlement, will bring him a grand total of $328,000 in financial compensation for his injuries.

The man was injured when he fell on a patch ice at the pollution control plant. According to court papers, he was passing between some parked trucks when he fell. The 43-year-old worker injured his knee, tearing his meniscus in the fall. The injury required a surgical procedure and prevented the man from working. The costly surgery and time spent temporarily disabled and unable to work no doubt caused his man to experience a great deal of financial hardship.

Can a landlord be held liable for inadequate security?

A New York landlord has a responsibility to keep his or her rental properties safe for tenants. However, if a tenant is injured because of someone committing a crime, can the landlord be held liable for the tenant's injuries and losses?

Most states, including New York, have laws and regulations regarding a landlord's responsibility to his or her tenants. In New York, the Tenant Rights Guide lists the responsibilities of a landlord. There are many, and tenants should be familiar with this guide.

How to avoid a dog attack

In order to avoid a dog attack, a New York resident can start by respecting a dog's space. Keep your distance from any dog that is not familiar, especially if the animal is tied down or being confined to a small space. Also, never pet any dog (even if you are sure that it's friendly) before you allow the dog to sniff your hand first.

Also, remember not to disturb dogs while they are chewing their toys, sleeping, eating or taking care of their puppies. The best policy is to assume that unfamiliar dogs are dangerous and to be very cautious around them.

How can you prevent slip and fall accidents?

Slip and fall accidents are more common than you might think. According to the National Safety Council, falls are responsible for nearly nine million visits to emergency rooms each year.

Although a fall can cause serious injuries or even death to people of any age, those 55 years old and over are more likely to suffer an accident involving a fall. Those who are 65 years old or over are more likely to die from injuries suffered in fall than those of other ages -- four times more likely.

What can you do to prevent a slip and fall accident? Because falls are the second-leading cause of death in communities and homes, fall prevention is very important. Here are some of the most common causes for falls:

How to protect kids from dog bites

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 4.5 million people suffer dog bites every year. Around half of those victims are children. According to the New York City Health Department, there were 3,600 dog bites in 2009 -- those were the latest figures on the health department website and only involved those dog bites that were reported.

Throughout the state of New York, there are 6,600 people under the age of 20 who suffer a dog bite, according to the New York State Department of Health. Hospitalization is required in more than 200 of those cases because of the severity of the dog bites.

Teen plans to sue over dog bite injuries from K-9 cop

A young man who was viciously attacked by a police dog will be pursuing a claim for damages against the city in civil court. The police dog attacked the 19-year-old man after authorities arrived at the scene of a fatal stabbing altercation. Police claim that they called the dog on the victim when he tried to flee the scene, and that is when the animal attack occurred.

The attacked teenager was never arrested or charged in connection with police investigations or the stabbing event. Indeed, another man, aged 18, was ultimately charged with the murder, which allegedly occurred due to a fight about a girl. The charged man was being held in jail without bond as of Saturday, July 26.

Plaintiffs receive $2 million verdict in elevator accident case

Three plaintiffs have received a judgement of $2 million in restitution regarding injuries they suffered in a serious elevator accident. The incident occurred at a major southern sports arena in 2007. A total of 18 people were riding in the sports arena elevator when it came crashing down to the bottom floor.

According to the judge who decided the case, a $500,000 damage award cap, which the defendant tried to seek protection under, was not applicable in the instant matter. Allegedly, in the state where the elevator accident took place, damages are capped when a personal injury claim is made against the state; however, the judge ruled that the defendant in the case was in fact a private company. This opened the door for the plaintiffs to seek their multimillion-dollar award.

Ice machine drips lead to slip and fall lawsuit

While many people in New York and across the country may think of a hospital as simply somewhere to receive medical services, it is a business. As such, it has a duty to those who are patients, visitors or employees to keep its premises safe. This is the same for any other business property.

A hospital in another state and its insurer has been named as a defendant in a slip and fall accident lawsuit. The injured party was a patient in the acute ward of the hospital at the time of the injury. He alleges that he slipped in a water puddle on June 12, 2013. The water was on the floor next to an ice machine and in front of a sink. The patient fell after slipped, although his injuries were not specified.

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